NEW Compact Series launching Summer 2018

Finally after 2 years in development The British Company will be launching their new range of scaled down Vintage FX. The New Compact series will see the same circuits of our Vintage Series pedals recreated in a small (‘Employer’ sized casing). Each of the pedals will feature the original Germanium PNP Transistor configuration and will require a negative 9V Supply to be used on a pedal board.

The range includes the following models

British Pedal Company Compact Series Line up:

  • MKI Tone Bender
  • MKII Tone Bender OC81D
  • Zonk Machine
  • WEM Pep Box
  • Rangemaster
  • Ltd Edition NOS Rangemaster

The Ltd Edition Rangemaster has bee created fo the launch of these new pedals to feature and original 1960s Welwyn potentiometer and utilises a 1960s NOS Mullard OC44 Transistor. Only 15 Units will be available of this unique pedal worldwide.


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